There is a growing need for network administrators to be able to report on traffic traversing all sites. This requires information collection from every router, switch, and the recording of every conversation, both large and small; NetFlow Auditor does all of this, now using the DigiToll’s patented methods of collection, aggregation, and storage of netflow data

This method is advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Speed – requires minimal computing
  • Size – requires minimal data-storage
  • Granularity – requires minimal data-storage and speed of access to granular data is fast
  • Privacy – ability to seperate data collection from user information

NetFlow Auditor offers customers an access management solution which enables corporations to efficiently and accurately track, trace, monitor, alert and manage traffic traveling inside their network; and outside to the Internet.

As a result DigiToll NetFlow Auditor substantially reduces the time and costs of managing, maintaining and troubleshooting a network.

NetFlow Auditor scales and supports SME, large and Telco environments with device based licensing so that you do not have to pay for any more than your network requires.

NetFlow Auditor Enterprise edition has all the features of our NetFlow Auditor Standard edition with increased performance and fault tolerance. For extra speed from the collection process and the increased assurance of separate collection and aggregation processes reducing the risk of data loss in heavy traffic environments nothing is as granular nor scalable as DigiToll NetFlow Auditor Enterprise Editions.

The only flow analysis proven in Telco environments NetFlow Auditor is proven to scale to production environments of 1.3 million users and a data center with more than 240 Tb of data throughput. For long term analysis of your Telco environment using the patented DigiToll collection process talk to us today.