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IdeaData Vision and Focus – Driving the Evolution of NetFlow/Flow-Based Network Analysis Since 1995 IdeaData has been a leader in supplying network analytics solutions for the Enterprise and ISP/Telco marketplace. Even before NetFlow was introduced IdeaData...

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Why is Baselining so important? Baselining analysis methods are needed to compare actual data against...

DDoS Detection

Each attack has its own signatures and generation of general and specific traffic patterns. A...


NetFlow Auditor collects NetFlow data using a unique patent pending collection methodology that highly reduces...
"Time is money! A great deal of time is spent on painstaking and often unsuccessful searches for the causes of performance and security incidents and monitoring inappropriate network use and risk. Applications continue to grow..."


"As we all know, the Internet has been expanding exponentially in usage especially over the last few years. The Internet continues to expand with many more people now using mobile technologies and other devices to access..."


"Today’s IT departments are faced with the complexities of convergence of networks, increased data and netflow volumes, heightened security vulnerabilities and threats, legislation and compliancy issues, rising network costs, network performance demands and stringent budgets...."